Easily Manage Your Libraries and Components

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13. 12. 2018 17:30 -18:30 SELČ online webinář

librarymanagerThe PCB is central to systems development, and the quality of your component libraries can have a dramatic impact on product performance, cost and quality. In a survey of the design community, when asked what were the key technologies required to improve their PCB Data Management, the two top items were:

  • Centralized Library Management – 91%
  • Component Management – 83%

If you are experiencing any of the following challenges . . .

  • Engineers can’t find information on current parts
  • No history tracking – who made what change when and why
  • No process to prevent Engineers from using Parts that are undesirable or obsolete
  • No process to ensure consistency and accuracy of part data
  • Inaccurate component data causing BOM issues in manufacturing
  • New Parts are holding up the design process

. . . then please join us for our Library and Component Management webinar!

What You Will Learn:

  • Component library structure for the Netlist and Integrated Flows
  • How DataBook can help you manage component parametric data
  • Suggestions for configuring component libraries efficiently
  • Effective process for creation and management of component data
  • Using tools for updating and maintaining current component data

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