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mCAD Collaborator – Mentor & Siemens


5. 7. 2018 online webinář

17:30 - 18:30 SELČ Xpedition mCAD Collaborator offers real-time collaboration between mechanical and electrical engineers.  The collaborator works with most mechanical tools and allows a seamless exchange of engineering data. Pass baselines or proposals between the tools and accept or reject the changes – all while updating in real time. Presenter is Kyle Lake. He is an...

PCSCHEMATIC and Reference Designations


9. 7. 2018 online webinář

9:00 - 10:00 SELČ This free PCSCHEMATIC and Reference Designations webinar gives you a thorough introduction on how to use reference designations in PCSCHEMATIC Automation. There is a built-in functions for using the RDS according to the ISO/IEC 81346 standard and during the webinar you will learn about 'why' and 'how-to'. Na webinář se můžete registrovat...



12. 7. 2018 online webinář

17:30 - 18:30 SELČ In today's high-performance consumer electronics market, cost and customer satisfaction are key components to success. In the digital age, easy to use simulation technology exists, so you don't have to be that 20-year expert in CFD. With PADS FloTHERM XT, you can feel comfortable designing your PCB and doing thermal simulation at various phases of your...

Use the Component Wizard - Creating components for the PCSCHEMATIC Database


20. 8. 2018 online webinář

15:00 - 16:00 SELČ This free Use the Component Wizard - Creating components for the PCSCHEMATIC Database webinar gives you a thorough introduction on how to create components for the PCSCHEMATIC database by using the built-in Component Wizard. Get introduced to how the PCSCHEMATIC Database interacts with PCSCHEMATIC Automation. Learn how to make components with electrical and...

Minulé události/semináře

FPGA I/O Optimization in the Xpedition Flow


21. 6. 2018 online webinář

17:30 - 18:00 SELČ Xpedition simplifies the FPGA design process by effectively managing I/O assignment. FPGA I/O Optimizer bridges the FPGA design and PCB layout domains guaranteeing error free I/O optimization.  I/O optimizer supports the most up-to-date devices making part creation simple. This online webinar will be presented by Kyle Lake. He is an Applications Engineer...

General introduction


18. 6. 2018 online webinář

9:00 - 10:00 SELČ This free General introduction webinar gives you a general introduction on how to create electrical documentation projects in PCSCHEMATIC Automation: Learn how to draw electrical diagrams using the component database. This makes it possible for you to generate all types of lists, which are filled out with article data automatically. For instance components...



13. - 14. 6. 2018 Seminární hotel Naháč, Chocerady

CADware pořádá tradiční dvoudenní seminář PCSCHEMATIC určený pro uživatele programu i nové zájemce. Seminář se bude konat 13.–14. 6. 2018 v hotelu Akademie Naháč. Semináře se po oba dva dny zúčastní zástupce společnosti PCSCHEMATIC – Ove Larsen. Na programu semináře...

Proper Library Management


14. 6. 2018 online webinář

17:30 - 18:30 SELČ During this webinar will reviewed the proper process for creating parts, symbols, and footprints using tools to make this process easy and less stressful. We’ll also discuss how a group of engineers should share their libraries instead of only working in their own environments. Lastly, it’ll be shown to you how to manage all the property data you need to place...