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Perfecting Your PCB with DFM Analysis


16. 10. 2019 online webinář 15:00 - 16:00 SELČ

Historically, design-for-manufacturability (DFM) checks have taken place during the fabrication process and have typically been performed by PCB manufacturing engineers or fab houses utilizing DFM-specific analysis software. The typical PCB designer would only run their own built-in pre-fabrication DRC and integrity checks prior to sending out for manufacturing and wait to hear back from the...

Hierarchical Design Techniques


16. 10. 2019 online webinář 18:00 SELČ

Hierarchical design partitions the designs into functional blocks and then defines the interconnect between them. Engineers will often create this type of “block diagram” outside of the PCB design tools to document the design. This results in a block diagram divorced from the actual PCB design. Hierarchical design techniques in Xpedition Enterprise captures the blocks and their...

HLS for Vision and Deep Learning Hardware Accelerators


24. 9. - 29. 10. 2019 online webináře 19:00 SELČ

Deep learning applications are exploding, especially those that use images for computer vision. We see these applications in everything from self-driving cars to significant advances in healthcare. However, AI-infused applications that need to be deployed at the edge as inference solutions, are challenged by the power and performance needed to execute them. Leading companies like NVIDIA,...

DVCon Europe 2019


29. - 30. 10. 2019 Holiday Inn Munich City Centre, Mnichov, Germany 10:00 - 19:30

Mentor delivers the most comprehensive Enterprise Verification Platform™ (EVP), delivering performance and productivity improvements ranging from 400X to 10,000X. Tightly integrated combining Questa® for high performance simulation, portable stimulus, verification management and coverage closure, low-power, CDC & Formal Verification, Veloce® for hardware emulation and HW/SW...

PCSCHEMATIC - General introduction


4. 11. 2019 online webinář 9:00 - 10:00 SEČ

This free webinar gives you a general introduction on how to create electrical documentation projects in PCSCHEMATIC Automation:   Learn how to draw electrical diagrams using the component database. This makes it possible for you to generate all types of lists, which are filled out with article data automatically. For instance components lists or parts lists / BOM. Learn the...

PCSCHEMATIC - Use the Component Wizard


2. 12. 2019 online webinář 9:00 - 10:00 SEČ

This free webinar gives you a thorough introduction on how to create components for the PCSCHEMATIC database by using the built-in Component Wizard. Get introduced to how the PCSCHEMATIC Database interacts with PCSCHEMATIC Automation. Learn how to make components with electrical and mechanical symbols. Components can be e.g. lamps, contactors, cables, PLCs etc. Add different kinds of...

Minulé události/semináře

PCSCHEMATIC - Working with PLCs


7. 10. 2019 online webinář

This free webinar gives you a general introduction on how to work with PLCs in PCSCHEMATIC Automation:   Learn how to draw electrical diagrams using the special symbols. Learn how to use PLCs from the database. Learn how to import and export IO data to and from the documentation. Na webinář se můžete registrovat přímo nebo...

Building Better Designs Using 1D/3D Simulation


3. 10. 2019 online webinář

In this web seminar, we will demonstrate how 1D system simulation can be utilized in conjunction with a 3D CFD simulation to improve accuracy by capitalizing on the strengths of each. Being able to leverage multiple tools is essential for today's engineers to make best use of available resources and remain competitive. Tightening regulations mean that predictive analysis is more...

PADS Professional Library Tools – Beyond the Basics


26. 9. 2019 online webinář

The key to successful PCB design is ensuring that the physical design data matches the logical intent of the design. Managing this relationship ensures the design is correct by construction. In the PADS Professional flow, the logical and physical design elements are stored in a Central Library. The PADS Library Tools provides a common interface to the various objects that make up the central...

Color for Directors: Answering Difficult Engineering Questions


26. 9. 2019 online webinář

Developed specifically with the needs of Engineering Managers in mind, this session will delve deep into why computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is more than just pretty colors. CFD has been used by thousands of engineers across the globe to answer real engineering questions.  However, as an engineering discipline it is one of the most complicated to master; therefore, to get meaningful...