Optimize New Product Introductions - Going Fast, Right or Both

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Have you ever heard the question “Do you want it fast or do you want it right?” Too often we are pressed to deliver new products quickly, and then we are asked to correct, or improve, the product later. It seems like the priority these days is speed, followed by cost with quality getting any mindshare that’s left. We speak in terms of trade-offs between those topics.

To address the speed of new product introductions (NPI), you must provide tools for PCB designers to see the issues that will delay their product’s release, while they are still in the design process. The cost of a PCB are directly related to the expected yield of the design, and for that designers need solutions that shows them the manufacturing impact of their design.

During this event, we will show how customers are using DFM embedded in the design tools, empowering designers to address all three priorities without compromise.

What You Will Learn:

  • How DFM decisions impact yield, cost and reliability of your designs
  • How DFM tools help you optimize your designs for manufacturing
  • How running DFM software embedded with EDA software facilitates better designs faster

Na tento online seminář se můžete registrovat také ze stránek výrobce programu, společnosti Mentor, A Siemens business.

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